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  • From Boobs to Booty: The Evolution of Beauty”

    Unlock Your Best Shape Yet with Bioplasty and Linnea Safe Are you one of the many women who, for decades, has based her physical attractiveness on the exaltation of breast volume? Back in the day, we didn’t have many resources to enhance our figures, and the importance of balancing our anatomies both in the front […]

  • Fat Loss Replacement as a Powerful Complement to Gym Workout

    It is common that people who exercise regularly in gyms seek to boost their physical workout with complementary aids to their training.  Aids of this type, for example, are the nutritional supplements used to increase muscle mass; others, very debatable, are anabolic drugs, extremely dangerous for the health, which generally trigger harmful effects in the […]

  • When Patients’ Demands do not Meet Medical Protocols

    To what extent are buttock augmentation before & after photos by means of non-surgical BBL, indicative of the result that the procedure will have on us? In this article we explain why you can’t use buttock augmentation before & after photos as a menu. In an era of visual rhetoric, photographs play an important role, […]

  • Non-Surgical BBL Training: differences between learning and being a professional in the subject

    The differences can be abysmal if one forgets that even in the categories of estheticians, there are people who have studied medicine and therefore have a greater diligence when facing an unexpected event.However, a prudent person, aware of their limitations, could perform basic procedures, strictly adhering to the protocols required by the manufacturer of the […]

  • Butt Injections: How You Can Recover Volume, Firmness & Contour

    Here we explore the possibility of using butt injections, meant as the infiltration of synthetic biocompatible fillers into the gluteal area, to restore its attractiveness and fullness.  Fat, or adipose tissue as it is scientifically known, is an essential component of butt beauty. Adipose tissue surrounds and coats gluteal muscles providing cushioning and graceful bouncing […]

  • Dermal fillers for buttocks: What should you know to avoid disappointment?

    Abstract In this article, we explore the different alternatives people have for improving the projection, contour and firmness of their gluteal area. We also explain which dermal fillers are currently available in the American market and are being used off-label for the buttocks, what has recently been called non-surgical Brazilian butt lift. Finally, we discuss […]

  • Non Surgical BBL: How does it work?

    Buttocks Bioplasty: How does it work? Here we clarify misunderstandings, doubts and dissipate unfounded fears that exist about this procedure

  • Why does non-surgical buttock augmentation turn out to have the most charming round shape?

    The shape that best characterizes admirable buttocks is the round one, no doubt about it. Its achievement comprehends the importance of joining together buttocks, from  the intergluteal cleft or also known as “butt crack” outwards to meet illiac crest, what we commonly call ‘hip’. This conjunction results in a circular shape that would not have […]