Non-Surgical BBL Training: differences between learning and being a professional in the subject

The differences can be abysmal if one forgets that even in the categories of estheticians, there are people who have studied medicine and therefore have a greater diligence when facing an unexpected event.
However, a prudent person, aware of their limitations, could perform basic procedures, strictly adhering to the protocols required by the manufacturer of the substance to be infiltrated, without giving in to the client’s wishes.

We know in depth the difficulties faced by someone who wishes to enhance the appearance of specific areas of their body, just as we also know that these people are subject to heavy commercialization, extremely expensive procedures and very questionable results.

Traveling abroad brings other demands that are also issues to consider when it comes to seeking solutions of greater notoriety and duration in time, as well as reducing costs. Airline tickets, hotel, language barriers and everything that involves facing the unknown, at a time when we are all vulnerable when it comes to physical safety, not to mention frauds and scams that hide behind appearances that offer reliability.

Using facial substances in buttocks, for example, is a purely mercantilist act. Claiming that 20cc on each side can represent a noticeable change in the treated area is another way of selling something that we know will not be satisfactory. In an effort to overcome the disappointment of customers feeling literally cheated, 3 sessions are now being offered at timed intervals, for an eventual total of 60cc per side.

In our opinion, the whole maneuver is nothing more than a commercial bait and switch to mislead people. It is perfectly possible to perform a non-surgical BBL procedure in a single session, following the protocols of the manufacturer of a tissue filler especially designed for the area, a biocompatible substance of slow resorption that can lead to a duration so long as to be considered permanent, given its great compatibility and affinity with physical exercise and the care that any body area requires to be kept in peak condition.

Applications of vitamins, peptones, mesotherapy with polylactic serums, placement of polycaprolactone fibers, platelet-rich plasma, are rejuvenating batteries that extend the duration of background procedures that replenish projection and volume of adipose tissue lost or considerably decreased.

The microneedling technique is a sensational breakthrough for treating areas such as sub-gluteal folds, décolletage (cleavage), nasolabial folds and hand enhancement.

Even the best surgeries require aesthetic attention to stimulate fibroblasts, regenerate the skin, deeply lubricate and strengthen the tissues.

We are making available to people interested in learning these interesting techniques, preferably nurses, anesthesiologists, general practitioners and estheticians, the basic techniques and protocols proposed by Brazil, official manufacturer of Linnea Safe substance duly approved by the Health Agency Anvisa ( Brazilian FDA).

With our guidelines and protocols, the interested people will be able to perform impeccable procedures highly demanded nowadays, besides having access to the whole battery of products to follow up the enhancement and rejuvenation of their clients, also benefiting from the special prices that our center obtains.It is important that the applicant brings a slim build model to perform the training in a 100% practical way.

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