Who are most  suitable candidates for Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift? 

(An Alternative to Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift aka BBL AKA Fat Grafting aka Autologous fat Transplant) 

Since Non-Invasive Buttock Augmentation aka Non-Surgical BBL, is a procedure that by its very nature does not require fat removal (liposuction), many people believe that there should be no major impediments to having it performed.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

One of the parameters that defines the suitability of a person for non-invasive BBL is their overall aesthetics; for example, being overweight will inevitably contradict a procedure that is highly selective being it is conceived only for people who lack adipose tissues for fat grafting purposes to volumize their gluteal region. 

Other patients not suitable for Non Surgical BBL who will not have their expectations fulfilled, are those who have been dissatisfied after undergoing clandestine injections with “fantasy brands” fillers of unknown origin and manufacturing. 

These people usually experience multiple side effects such as hardening, darkening, sagging skin, lumps. Most important of all is their hidden desire to perhaps think they could hide imperfections undergoing a new procedure whilst at the same time achieving larger buttocks volume or boosting at least their present buttock sizes. 

Tissues that have already been impregnated with polymeric substances,will be a major obstacle compared to untouched anatomical planes, to build a strong  connective tissue net needed to produce inner powerful scaffolding from where collagen, fibroblasts, adipose cells, elastin and other elements will emerge to create interwoven fibers which reproduce tissues of our own. 

Any foreign material acting as a barrier to obstructing the final purpose, microspheres of PMMA are out there to fulfill, would be harmful altogether. 

A harmonious, balanced and beautiful body is based on equilibrium of proportions. Factors such as firmness of the skin, projection of both buttocks and breast which balance out in a harmonious manner, firm flesh yet not hard nor stiff yet graceful and swaying, are of vital importance when time comes to defining the relevance among bodies. 

We bring up this topic because of the continuous alienating bombardment that the media, social networks, music videos, influencers, night clubs industry and a long etcetera, influence women’s psyche to be under the seduction and deep belief that extreme buttock sizes is what must be the pattern to comply with, in order to be fashionable and desired, as if that were the paradigm to follow to be considered worthy of qualifying within the canons of beauty. Each person has different physical features that may or may not fit within a particular ethnic group and there is no reason to follow the stereotypes that are “trendy” but each person should seek their own balance according to their anatomical structure.

These days the influence exerted on women to manipulate them as puppets of the consumer market is overwhelming, to the point many dare claiming their wish is to go beyond the natural and well-balanced look, but instead entering into the artificial extreme trend which calls for non-realistic human like bodies with rather large protuberances that no longer resemble gluteal regions due to its exaggerated protrusion.

Extreme trends like these have dangerous implications awaiting  just around the corner, both on the muscular-skeletal frame, as well as in terms of premature aging and immunological problems.

In any case, each person is free to choose, hopefully knowing the pros and cons that their decision entails. Enough information exists so that people can make well-informed decisions despite the misleading advertising and marketing techniques that unethical merchants may offer them. 

In conclusion, ruling out the cases that are not suitable for non-surgical BBL, the following are the types of patients who can expect the best and most satisfactory results from this procedure;

  • Those who have lost fat tissue volume for any reason. 
  • Those who need to improve their buttocks  shape and projection they are not happy with:  longish,flattened, sagging or squarish buttocks shapes are to find great results.
  • Extremely thin people. 
  • Those who have had Fat Grafting aka BBL surgery and have not seen satisfactory results. 
  • Those who have had their buttocks injected with facial products such as Sculptra and Radiesse, decidedly not indicated for the gluteal area.