Fat Loss Replacement as a Powerful Complement to Gym Workout

It is common that people who exercise regularly in gyms seek to boost their physical workout with complementary aids to their training. 

Aids of this type, for example, are the nutritional supplements used to increase muscle mass; others, very debatable, are anabolic drugs, extremely dangerous for the health, which generally trigger harmful effects in the organism.

The person who exercises regularly in the gym will see their muscle mass increase and at the same time their fat or adipose tissue decrease, which, of course, should be positive and one of the objectives of such activity, or isn’t it?

The problem is that rigorous exercise in the gym, besides having obvious benefits in the physical aspect and health in general, brings with it some disadvantages; for example, while on the one hand the exercise undoubtedly tones the buttocks, on the other it consumes the adipose tissue that encases them, depriving them of their attractiveness and natural beauty. 

One of the characteristics that are admired in a derriere is the combination of well worked muscle and its corresponding adipose tissue covering, which is the factor that adds the classic jiggle that feminizes the area; without this important element, the overly defined gluteus muscle does not look in accordance with the canons of body beauty. 

In the specific case of slim women, physical exercise consumes the little adipose tissue that covers their buttocks which discourages them and loosens their incentive to continue, and this is unfortunate because physical exercise provides endless benefits for health and physical appearance.

Perhaps only those women with robust anatomy are the ones who benefit the most from gym training. Their consistent butts, brimming with fatty tissue, even as they burn off the excess that made them flabby, retain just enough fat to cover the muscle; this gives them a sensational looks. 

And not to mention the very thin woman who does not add curves, roundness or enhancement in any way, whether by going to the gym or eating abundantly, she cannot achieve her goals.

There have even been doctors who have recommended that thin patients gain weight in order to undergo the rather problematic fat transplantation BBL procedure. Through liposuction, fat from other parts of the body can be grafted to the gluteal area, but this surgery is controversial and the results are poor and short-lived.

A safe and practical solution is the instillation of a recognized injectable biocompatible substance, slowly biodegradable to the point of being considered permanent. It is the way to replace the lost fatty tissue in the gluteal area.  This procedure is called Non-Surgical-BBL and it’s the main procedure we perform in our medical practice.

One session, performed in-office, and the patient can immediately return to their daily routine. Linnea Safe is a pioneer substance that comes in a version exclusively for buttocks; a dermal filler elaborated with UMSS technology of the highest excellence in the Brazilian market. 

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