Why Buttocks Boost Superiority Lies in Non-Surgical BBL

Bioplasty Overnight Enhancement (No Liposuction Needed)

Bioplasty is an aesthetic procedure performed using a dermal filler consisting of a hydrogel containing PMMA microspheres of a size totally invisible to the human eye. It is performed in a minimally invasive way.

This concept of bio-modeling without incisions or scars was created by Dr. Almir Nácul, in Brazil in the 90s. Dr. Nacul coined the term “Bio-plasty” taking into account the prefix “Bio” to mean the biocompatible materials used in the procedure, and “Plasty” which comes from Greek and means “formed or shaped”; at the time, there were no biodegradable substances suitable for injection into body tissues and only later, biodegradable versions of the filler products initially used by Nacul were developed. It is common to write Bioplasty without the hyphen.

Bioplasty is able to restore volume to buttocks that lack enough adipose tissue, increasing their firmness and boosting contour and projection; fat deficiency is usually due to genetics, excessive workout, some degenerative disease or simply to the natural aging process. Results are natural and remarkable.

The filler substance is injected through atraumatic microcannulas with which the Bioplasty specialist sculpts and enhances the area to be treated.

Bioplasty, as a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure lies in between Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, being an increasingly prominent medical tool available for nowadays beauty.

Buttock augmentation and lateral contouring through Bioplasty produces instant and non-traumatic results without any downtime.

Bioplasty is considered an interactive procedure since it does not use general anesthesia but only local one; patients can follow step by step the development of the process being able to participate, give their opinion and interact with the specialist during the procedure.

At the International Bioplasty Center we use what’s perhaps the highest quality and most technologically advanced product to achieve an absolutely natural buttock augmentation : Linnea Safe dermal filler. You can follow this link where you can learn more about it: https://bioplastycenter.com/blog/linnea-safe-a-safe-dermal-filler/

Bioplasty for volumization and enhancement of the buttocks aims at addressing three aspects that define the beauty of the derrière:

  • Projection
  • Firmness
  • Lateral contour

Of the three above mentioned features, perhaps the one that represents the greatest challenge for the Bioplasty specialist is the one that refers to the improvement of the lateral contour, i.e. that part of the glutes that joins to the outer part of the bone called the iliac crest through the gluteus medius muscle and part of the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus starts approximately in the middle of the iliac crest as shown in the image.

Due to the muscular-skeletal anatomy of the area, since the gluteus maximus by itself does not reach the outermost part of the hip and considering that what gives shape to the buttocks is the adipose tissue that covers the gluteal muscles, if patient has little or no fat in that area, either for genetic reasons or due to excessive slenderness or strong gym workout which tend to burn the fat, that area will be sunken, causing those unwanted lateral dips or trochanteric depressions, an aspect that is quite common especially in female buttocks and for some people, extremely unfavorable.

Our specialists are able to substantially reduce the unattractive effect of these lateral dips by masterfully applying the dermal filler and achieving an effective improvement of the contour of the buttocks/hip ensemble, making the sides of the buttocks moderately curvaceous.

Bioplasty uses a slowly biodegradable tissue filler, as opposed to Autologous Fat Transplant aka Fat Grafting aka BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) which uses patient’s own adipose tissue, provided of course that he/she has enough of it, which in many cases is not the case because many patients are slim. And we say “as opposed” because fat has the characteristic of being resorbed by the organism in a very short period of time; in fact, many patients report that after one year the effects of BBL are practically unnoticeable.

Differences between fat grafting and the instillation of a PMMA-based hydrogel that restores adipose tissue are abysmal, both in terms of the average life and consistency of the filling substance as well as the modeling scope of one or the other procedure. In comparative terms, the Linnea Safe dermal filler exceeds all expectations, leaving fat grafting or BBL in a clear disadvantage.

On the other hand, it is of utmost importance not having to undergo liposuction to obtain the fat required for the grafts because of all the inconveniences, trauma and recovery periods that the surgical extraction of fat has and the subsequent maneuver of having to filter the fat and insert it into the gluteal area, thus causing a severe inflammatory process which initially is interpreted as increase of volume but that after a short period of time, it relapses and the gain in volume becomes minimal.

Some professionals claim that laser lipolysis solves these problems, however this assertion is unwise and reckless since the heat generated by the laser literally destroys the adipose cells (adipocytes) and therefore converts this fat into a dead substance that is not suitable to be implanted in the gluteal region; to be minimally successful, a fat transplant must have live, intact adipocytes that can survive the trauma of removing them from their original growth site to another.

Bioplasty without liposuction, also called non-surgical BBL, is from any point of view a straightforward, practical, safe and relevant procedure that saves cumbersome and highly embarrassing situations related to surgical procedures since for example only during the surgical act the surgeon may be confronted to unexpected scenarios such as being prevented from harvesting the needed amount of fat or perhaps any other issue related to general anesthesia.

In summary, Bioplasty is increasingly becoming the most viable way to perform buttocks and lateral dips filling. Linnea safe is a long-lasting product with an estimated average life span of 5 to 7 years. During this time the PMMA microspheres will stimulate sufficient production of new connective tissue (mainly collagen and elastin) to provide the buttocks with volume derived from the patient’s own body.