Non-Surgical Butt Lift For Firm And Well Positioned Glutes

It is common for people coming to our practice to have buttocks that appear to be the typical type of a thin person, that is to say, with no greater relevance in terms of volume; at first sight the approach for these cases would be a conventional Bioplasty; A deeper evaluation though may reveal a certain degree of flaccidity and sagginess that cannot be corrected only through infiltration of tissue filler (Buttock Augmentation) but for these cases the most recommended procedure is a Non Surgical Butt Lift which is a combination of minimally invasive non-surgical BBL and High Strength Anchoring Fibers

As in the case of drooping and flaccid breasts, the solution does not consist in placing large implants to try and correct the ptosis (drooping), as many colleagues do, but by simultaneously correcting the fall and lack of volume (a.k.a. mastopexy with augmentation); however, in the case of surgical buttlift, the technique is aesthetically unacceptable.

In these cases, the minimally invasive non-surgical approach for glutes lifting, which consists of compacting and gathering together the tissues that have been scattered by the flaccidity using high strength and long-lasting polyamide tensor fibers, offers greater advantages with respect to the surgical operation and achieves the optimization of the existing volume by preparing the glutei to receive the infiltration of the tissue filling substance which will be applied in a now restricted space favoring a better projection and definition of the gluteal zone.

It is important to emphasize that flaccid buttocks, even if they do not show a sharp fall, are detectable due to their flat and soft condition plus a lack of inner consistency; one can notice the amount of flaccidity by pinching skin and managing to hold a good amount of flesh between the fingers, as well as trying to repositioning the buttocks without too much effort with both hands and noting the difference.

By gathering and compacting weak and flaccid tissues through Non Surgical Butt Lift, we manage to considerably reduce the inner hollow chamber, which would otherwise lead to an excessive infiltration in the attempt to fill a space without well-established boundaries serving as a containment for the filling substance and contributing to a better definition and projection of the gluteal area.

Another recommended option for slim people is  compacting their buttock tissues with these hi-tech anchoring fibers and complementing the procedure with a moderate Bioplasty mainly to tighten the skin.