Hips or Saddlebags?

Thighs are areas of the body suitable for liposuction because of their tendency to accumulate undesirable fat, especially at upper thighs level also known as saddlebags.

Nowadays, we are astonished and even horrified by the determination and insistence of the media to impose a beauty paradigm that consists in establishing the equivalence between prominent thighs (saddlebags) and curvaceous hips as if one same thing, which is an outburst that distorts the female figure, since the thighs are below the gluteus-hip context and therefore the overly bulky thighs obliterate the so much coveted hourglass or inverted heart figure, leaving buttocks and hips in a frankly handicapped condition.

These bulky thighs pretend to appear as if they were hips; that is to say, at the whim of a wrong proposal, the fictitious hip is moved much lower down, shortening at the same time the legs and making the trunk appear too long in relation to the lower part of the body.

It is important to understand that people are being sold a wrong and ugly idea that has no correlation with the body’s harmony. For example, it should be obvious to anyone how grotesque a thin person with two bumps on either side of the body looks like, especially when those bulges are located at a lower level than the buttocks-hips area.

Although buttocks and hips are part of the same context, when talking about filling them, they will be approached as if separated areas in order to avoid trespassing medical protocols which ban excessive infiltration.

There is a maximum amount of PMMA substance to be infiltrated determined by medical safety protocols and the anatomical structure of each patient, and it will depend on both patient’s interest and medical recommendation, to distribute or not this limit amount towards the hip or on the contrary focus it on the derriere only.

A volleyball bumbum and hips harmoniously curvaceous is a perfectly feasible option when not excessively ambitious.

We recommend that the great lack of adipose tissue, i.e. the drastic lack of volume, has the attention focused where it is needed avoiding being distracted from the main objective.