Volleyball Glutes: Latest Bazilian Trend

There are two types of women, those who believe in massive buttocks, either because of their work or personal preferences and those that fall into the sports category seeking for the look that does not reveal having been treated with fillers but quite contrary the outcome as a result of hard work at the gym or practicing sports like volleyball or basketball.

Going to the gym has become a must among women that wish a well fit body as well as outstanding compact, round and well defined glutes, yet not always one succeeds at it.

But, have you ever been working out strenuously and have not seen noticeable results whatsoever despite endless amounts of squats, lunges, deadlifts and machine training you do?

You may not be seeing results in your workout aimed at emphasizing buttocks either because of your own genetics or because of a lack of fatty tissues as a base to begin training.

Before throwing in the towel and walking away from gym let us tell you that it is possible to boost your derriere within the sports looks you admire such as volleyball players or professional gym trainers, without devoting yourself on daily extensive body training routines.

Brazil, which has been known for being at the forefront of beauty, setting its guidelines and trends worldwide, has turned favorable towards sports glutes against massive ones which are notoriously fake.

Through the use of an injectable biocompatible substance, approved by the Brazilian Department of Health, totally satisfactory, safe and permanent results are guaranteed.

Needless to say, this procedure is not for everyone; for those looking for massive, fake-looking, out-of-proportion butts, we’re definitely not the solution; they’ll have to look elsewhere. Those artificial volumes that denote fabrication and evidence of dubious origin fillers, are relegated as simple curiosities, often ridiculed and mocked.

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