The Derriere Is Definitively A Thing In This Era

One thing is certain: in the 21st century, breasts are no longer cult and desire fetishes; feminine beauty can easily do without a voluminous and conspicuous breast. Now the focus is elsewhere, the heir to the throne is now the derriere and many see in Brazilian Butt Lift a solution for poor developed glutes. Unlike breasts, buttocks have been a very complex area to deal with from an aesthetic point of view, in terms of making them look relevant yet natural. Implants were sufficient to fix breast deficiencies however not so when concerning glutes, being them far more demanding when sitting, walking, running, bending, lying or jumping. Buttock implants have not been an adequate solution from aesthetic and functional perspectives. But hope may not be dead as today there’s an effective solution which we will talk about next. Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift aka Gluteal Bioplasty is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on three key aspects that define the beauty of the backside: Contour, Firmness and Projection. For this purpose, Buttocks Bioplasty uses a biocompatible tissue filler consisting of microscopic and perfect spheres made of PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), manufactured using UMSS (Uniform Microspheres Smooth Surface) technology, having the property of being capable to stimulate fibroblasts (special tissue cells) to produce collagen and elastin that provide strength, firmness and youth to the treated areas. Gluteal Bioplasty results are considered permanent lasting 5 years and beyond.

It all started in Brazil

Currently only Brazil counts with legit PMMA based tissue fillers certified and approved by its national food and drugs agency ANVISA which is the equivalent of the American FDA. Brazil is the country where Bioplasty was developed as a technique for biomodeling different parts of the human body, without incisions or scars. Bioplasty is so advanced in Brazil that PMMA-based tissue fillers are already in their fourth generation after a continuous development of almost 30 years.

Myths and facts of buttocks augmentation

There is much misinformation and misunderstandings about aesthetic medicine procedures aimed at improving the gluteal area. In this sense, there is a widespread wrong belief that buttocks volume can be increased at will as long as you pay for enough filler; this is a complete nonsense and absurdity which is due to the tricky rhetoric of illegal silicone injectors who for decades have used us to think that glutes are like balloons that can be endlessly inflated. Non Surgical BBL is not a system based on indiscriminately stuffing filling substance into the buttocks, but a method to promote definition, firmness and strength of the inner tissues, as well as to improving and enhancing the shape and contour of the gluteal area as a whole. There is an extensive scientific literature confirming the safety of PMMA microspheres for the human body. A research article published in 2019 by the National Biotechnology Information Center of the United States of America with title Gluteal Augmentation with Polymethyl Methacrylate: A 10-year Cohort Study reached the following conclusion (quote): “This study has demonstrated that gluteal augmentation with PMMA is one of the best options for this type of procedure. In addition, the findings suggest that the guidelines concerning gluteal augmentation must include PMMA filler as an option because PMMA proved to cause few side effects, as demonstrated by this patient cohort.” Due to the excessive cost of the FDA registration process which can run into the tens or even the hundreds of millions of dollars, Brazilian tissue filler manufacturers cannot afford to enter the American market, and that is basically why there isn’t a legally approved gluteal filler in the United States. Given the inexistence of a tissue filler suitable for buttocks, American doctors when facing the high demand of this procedure, choose to use facial products such as Sculptra or Artefill and inject them off-label into buttocks which inevitably leads to failures and high frustration in patients. Facial fillers are not suitable for glutes because on the one hand, they do not offer enough consistency to expand the tissues of this area and create the needed volume, firmness and definition and on the other hand, they are quickly resorbed by the body, disappearing completely within 4 to 8 months.

Other Buttocks Enhancement Methods

The other two methods to improve and enhance the appearance of the butt are buttock implants and the poorly named Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Let’s elaborate further on these two procedures. Buttock augmentation via implants has several downsides; among them is the fact that it is a surgical procedure with a rather painful post-operative period; implants by other hand, are always noticeable, both to the eye and to the touch. In addition, unlike the case of breast implants, the muscles of the buttocks are not well suited for the insertion of implants and to make things worse, the gluteal area is subject to a lot of pressure when walking and sitting hence implants tend to move, rotate or worse, extrude; the latter means that It may result in implants getting out of the surgical pocket and inevitably force their way out of the skin incision line resulting in what is called “implant extrusion”, in other words, a catastrophe. Perhaps the main flaw of buttock implant surgery is the fact that the procedure actually only addresses buttock projection but leaves aside the other two important aspects we mentioned at the outset, i.e. firmness and contour. The erroneously named Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) (because it is neither a lift nor is it Brazilian), on the other hand, also has serious shortcomings. First of all, the patient must have enough good consistency body fat to be transplanted to the buttocks; but what definitely makes BBL a complete waste of money is that after a short period of time, up to 80 percent of the transferred fat will be gone due to a metabolic process called fat resorption. Buttock Bioplasty or BBL with no Fat Grafting is therefore the only truly effective procedure to enhance, volumize and contour the butt with completely natural results, free of side effects and essentially permanent results.