Non Surgical BBL FAQs

Some important facts about Non-Surgical BBL.

Can anyone undergo Non Surgical BBL?

No. This procedure requires a preliminary evaluation by a specialist to know if they are a suitable candidate. In general terms, the requirements are

  • No overweight
  • Not having a high level of flaccidity in the gluteal area.
  • Not having a high volume of fibrotic tissue as a result of previous surgical BBLs.
  • Not having undergone injections of unknown substances performed by non-physicians. Clandestine injectors blatantly claim that they use legitimate dermal fillers when in reality, and in the best of cases, they use the nefarious liquid silicone.

Is anesthesia used in the non-surgical BBL procedure?

Only local anesthesia (lidocaine) is used to numb the area to be injected to avoid discomfort to the patient. Neither general anesthesia nor sedation is used since the procedure is not surgery.

What aftercare is required following a non-surgical BBL procedure?

  • A non-compressive shaping garment should be worn for about 3 weeks. 
  • When sitting, a firm cushion should be placed under the thighs so that the buttocks do not receive too much pressure and deform them. This will only be necessary for one month.
  • Avoid impact sports for at least 4 months.
  • Sunbathing or tanning sessions are not recommended for three months.

When can the patient return to their daily activity routine?

As long as the simple guidelines above are followed, only one day of rest is needed, after which the person can resume all their activities.