Non Surgical Buttocks Lift & Adipose Tissues Restoring

At a certain age women become vulnerable due to the natural aging process, weakening their self-esteem, making them susceptible to changes such as flaccidity, tonicity and fragility of facial and body tissues, which become extremely thin due to the loss of adipose mass that gives them firmness and inner support.

This type of patients have tried it all; they have an age in which they began early to undergo liposuctions, breast augmentations, fat grafting (BBL), rhinoplasties, abdominoplasties and facelifts. They have also been frequent consumers of aesthetic rejuvenating treatments. Nonetheless, when approaching buttocks droopiness, buttocks mass loss, buttocks shape, contour & definition exhaustion, they have not found a satisfactory answer yet. A non surgical way out is just an unrealizable dream.

It is common not to have heard about successful experiences done outside USA or Canada. It is thought that if such options are not available at home, they do not exist.

People are often unaware of the idiosyncrasy behind physicians, the restrictions under which they pursue their careers, and the dominance that the FDA dictates in cataloging medical activity and the implicit protectionism against any other reality that could indicate any sort of handicap.

The non-surgical lifting of the buttocks and the fat mass restoration, relevant factor when referring to natural volume of the derriere region, is not a new or experimental procedure but rather Bioplasty by PMMA microspheres is a medical technique that has achieved great notoriety in recent decades, not only with regard to manufacturing microspheres technology but also in the expertise and skills in the performance of the procedure itself.

We refer to the fact that these needs obtain an excellent long-term resolution (up to 5 years) through Bioplasty, a technique that provides lost adipose tissue replenishment using a biocompatible tissue filler without side effects, which can also be used in conjunction with high-tech tensor fibers that provide redensifying and regenerating elements to poor and flaccid tissues.

This duet makes a solid base on which to build a firm structure that supports and replenishes tissues that have lost strength and tone.

These type of patients who once thought there wouldn’t be anything that could help them, refuse staying indolent doing nothing about their situation.

Although it is true that these mature yet still young women do not intend to become movie stars, They know, the fact they took care of themselves all of their lives, make them good potential candidates for Bioplasty, and they are right.

Products used in US, Canada and Europe such as Macrolane, Artefill, Juvederm, Sculptra and others, do not offer adequate results because of their lack of consistency, durability and very high costs; it is therefore important to consider Bioplasty for its long successful history taking into account that a short 3-4 day visit to South America, is not outlandish and extravagant, especially these days when intercontinental travels are frequent and not so expensive.

Although maturity brings with it knowledge and experience that probably we did not have at a younger age when impulsiveness, fantasy and expectations were perhaps too excessive, these circumstances cannot inhibit the needs that still vital women have, despite being tagged as “mature”.

It is their right to search and find adequate solutions for their specific aesthetic deficiencies and Bioplasty is the right tool for this purpose.