Does Non-Surgical BBL Actually Work?

Is your slenderness not making you a good candidate for traditional BBL and conditioning you to undergo liposuction?

Buttock Bioplasty also known as BBL without liposuction, only uses products approved by Health authorities that have proven their safety and efficacy over the years. We refer especially to the fifth generation of intelligent substances capable of restoring the adipose tissues of the buttocks, which is the factor involved in beauty and natural bouncing of the derriere.
Adipose tissues surrounding the gluteal musculature might suffer resorption due to various reasons such as yo-yo dieting, extreme slenderness, excessive aerobic and muscular training, or simply by the natural aging process.

Linnea Safe is a legitimate Brazilian PMMA brand, whose microspheres stimulate the fibroblasts to produce connective tissue thus restoring the lack of adipose tissues in the derriere; they are conveyed to the tissues by a gel that acts as a vehicle and protection, softening the friction and impact between them and providing instant volumization while collagen and elastin are released in a natural process that will ultimately give the buttocks permanent consistency and firmness.

The advantage of non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is that it does not condition patients to undergo liposuction with the idea of obtaining fat to be transplanted into their behind, which will eventually be resorbed in a high percentage in the medium term.

UMSS technology used to manufacture the PMMA microspheres, guarantees their perfect sphericity and uniformity, favoring their homogeneous organization at inner planes of the gluteal tissues.

Non-surgical BBL is undoubtedly the leading method for projecting, shaping, firming and defining the buttocks and contouring their sides.