Buttocks Enhancement in South America

Medical Tourism is a Myth

Ladies who travel abroad for cosmetic procedures, are often misled under the wrong beliefs promoted by many South American countries that state that “the more procedures they’ve done, the less it’ll cost them”.

Driving people into taking unnecessary risks in foreign countries is a type of behavior we strongly disagree with.

Our position on the matter is; only undergo procedures for which you’re an excellent candidate for, first and foremost. Also, make sure your medical team has an updated vision in regards to handling procedures and surgical techniques which will allow for a fast recovery process.

Additionally, minimally-invasive approaches like Hydrogel or PMMA Buttock Injections and general concerns about time restrictions are especially important for foreign patients; the need for settling with nothing but the best within realistic expectations, i.e. pricing, time for stay, and medical service excellence should also be priorities for patients to have in mind.

Unfortunately, mass-consumption trends have distorted both the patient’s and doctor’s mentality by taking it to sheer commercial levels where taking advantage of one another is the norm. Professional activities are severely damaged as a result of these types of concepts, equally affecting our reputation as a whole.

In conclusion, we want to convey the message that if you need buttock augmentation by hydrogel or PMMA injections, then we are completely available to you; a trip to come for a non-surgical procedure of buttock hydrogel or PMMA injections will not require more than 3 days since this is a completely outpatient procedure performed in doctor’s office. Conversely, if you are considering cosmetic surgery then you should plan on at least a 20 day stay outside of your country which is not always feasible and you should weigh it carefully.