Why Fat Grafting is No Match for Non-Lipo BBL (PART II)

Overnight Buttocks Projection Boost; No Surgery, No Liposuction, No Fat Grafting

Continued from Why Fat Grafting is No Match for Non-Lipo BBL (PART I)

Nearly 30 years ago, the Brazilian cosmetic surgeon A. Nacul, realizing that buttock implants and fat grafting had the shortcomings explained in part I, developed a technique, which he called Bioplasty that avoided altogether the use of buttock implants or the patient’s own fat, using instead a specially designed biocompatible synthetic dermal filler.

Buttock volumization by Bioplasty has all the advantages of the Brazilian Butt Lift without its drawbacks: PMMA microspheres successfully restore fat; in a sense, Bioplasty is a BBL performed with PMMA instead of fat, since the objective of the procedure is the same, but totally avoiding the aforementioned problems. In addition, it is important to mention that the results of Bioplasty are natural and long-lasting.

If you are among the many who are dissatisfied with the volume and overall appearance of your buttocks, and wish to undergo a procedure that avoids liposuction altogether, you may be a candidate for Non-Lipo BBL aka Buttock Bioplasty.

The key objectives of buttock Bioplasty are to provide contour, projection and firmness to the gluteal area without surgery trauma besides being minimally invasive and not requiring general anesthesia but only local numbing. The enhancement and volumization of the buttocks and sides by means of Bioplasty is performed with a biocompatible and slowly biodegradable substance that must be applied with medical criteria and a careful selection of the patient since not all people are suitable for it. Keeping the necessary standards and medical protocols, this procedure is completely safe without any adverse side effects.

Bioplasty is not based on quantity, i.e. indiscriminate volume of infiltrated substance, but on the art of achieving the desired objectives within established and safe medical protocols, producing satisfactory final results. Only a qualified specialist with extensive experience can achieve this goal.

Some final thoughts

Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift aka Fat Grafting aka Autologous Fat Transplant is a traumatic adventure that not many patients would be willing to repeat, especially in view of the high prices of this surgery that may well be above eight grand. And it is not something that can be divided into different sessions to fit into limited budgets but an “all or nothing” procedure.

Bioplasty on the other hand allows the problem to be tackled piecemeal. A patient with a particularly restricted budget can perfectly plan her gluteal enhancement in two or three sessions, each one at reasonable prices and better adjusted to her economic capacity. In the first session, for example, we can concentrate on firming her buttocks by introducing a first layer of reinforcement or scaffolding that will later serve to build volume and projection. A second session could consist of giving roundness to the buttocks by emphasizing the sides. Finally, the third session could be aimed at projecting the buttocks. All this of course should be planned in close coordination with the specialist who is the most indicated person to advise patients each with their own anatomical structures and needs.