Why does non-surgical buttock augmentation turn out to have the most charming round shape?

The shape that best characterizes admirable buttocks is the round one, no doubt about it. Its achievement comprehends the importance of joining together buttocks, from  the intergluteal cleft or also known as “butt crack” outwards to meet illiac crest, what we commonly call ‘hip’. This conjunction results in a circular shape that would not have the same relevance if it did not take into account the challenge of involving the gluteus and lateral iliac fossa within a joint unit that enhances beauty and contributes to a unique enlarged context.

If we analyze the importance of integrating these areas that are normally thought to be separated, we would find that the buttocks would be missing an important lateral half that corresponds to their anatomy. Since the iliac bones are the ones that protrude, they are interpreted as not having any relation with the gluteal tissues and are simply called hips, ignoring that there is a space between the exact half of each buttock and its lateral counterpart, forming an enclave where the gluteal muscles insert along with  other important tissues, allowing for the movements of the lower limbs.

The gluteal projection that is circumscribed only from the center of each buttock outwardly and does not consider the harmony of the unit represented by the gluteus and its lateral iliac counterpart, is cut off from a territory that belongs to it anatomically and that provides not only a better gluteal circumference, but also offers some additional space to give more internal space that can be used to volumize the glutes, allowing sideward expansion rather than remaining into a restricted and limited centered only buttocks area. 

This additional space must always adhere to medical protocols, which must rigorously observe the body fluid dynamics that the human body can tolerate. 

Failure to take these important parameters into account leads to highly dangerous situations, such as liposuction that exceeds the elimination of body fluids (blood and fat), producing serious and irremediable decompensation in patients. 

Likewise, excessive instillation of fluids into the body, can lead to anaphylactic shock, pulmonary thromboembolism and renal difficulties. 

Important points to consider:

🌟 Aesthetics must go hand in hand with medical responsibility and expertise. 

🌟 It is the specialist who should have the last word and not give in to patient demands. 

 πŸŒŸ A good patient is one who is well informed and clear about the procedure to be performed. 

🌟Every patient is different so do not take into account photos of other people wanting the doctor to copy cases of other patients whose weight, height, age, skin quality, are unknown. 

🌟 People who have buttocks prosthesis and wish to improve the unnatural appearance of the buttocks turnout, will have to submit a medical report of the date of the operation, type of prosthesis, size and anatomical planes of placement performed.

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