PMMA injections gone wrong, what’s all the fuss about?

Real PMMA Injections VS biased internet articles.

Recently, some articles have appeared reporting cases of patients who have had complications after receiving supposed injections of PMMA-based fillers in their buttocks, aka PMMA injections. This procedure is also called Buttock Bioplasty.

It is very easy to say that a person suffered complications from PMMA injections without providing concrete proof of the veracity of what is claimed and none of these articles prove at all that the substance injected was in fact a PMMA filler; the only “proof” being the patient’s own statement that they allegedly received PMMA injections which is actually impossible for them to know with any certainty, but in no case do these articles state the brand of the substance and who performed the procedure.

Generic articles like these make us suspect that there are hidden intentions to discredit those of us who practice buttock Bioplasty in a responsible manner.
Rather, it seems that in these reported cases there are clear signs of inexperience, lack of medical protocols and total absence of knowledge on the subject.

Similar articles give us clear clues as to the type of people who hide behind unknown tissue fillers.

Despite the warnings that from this tribune we issue, there are always a large number of people who, with the promise of seeing their buttocks volumized, fall into the hands of clandestine injectors, often with catastrophic results due to malpractice and the use of substances of dubious origin.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift performed with legit PMMA injections has been increasing in popularity as many women have realized they don’t count with enough fat in their bodies to be extracted and transplanted to their gluteal region. In these cases cosmetic surgeons are totally disarmed and lack answers for these patients with some going so far as to advance outlandish proposals such as suggesting that patients put on weight in order to create fat for them to harvest.

In USA and Canada there are no approved substances for specific use in buttocks, so several surgeons opt for injecting facial dermal fillers such as Sculptra or polylactic acid, which not having the right consistency, are not effective and their duration is very short, not even reaching a year.

One of the few countries where dermal filler substances suitable to be injected in the buttocks have been developed is Brazil. At the International Bioplasty Center, we use the Linnea Safe filler, which counts with the approval of the Brazilian FDA.

The next time you consider undergoing a buttock enhancement procedure by PMMA injections, analyze well all your options but don’t let yourself be caught by articles that are clearly alarmist and biased. Take a good look at who is writing the articles, make sure that the article provides hard facts about the type and brand of tissue filler used and that it is not just an article used as a clickbait.

Below is an article explaining the safety of PMMA injections.

Gluteal Augmentation with Polymethyl Methacrylate: A 10-year Cohort Study