Non-Surgical Optimization Of Buttocks Scarce Volume Via High Strength Anchoring Fibers

High Strength Anchoring Fibers are a valuable aid for compacting dispersed tissues that are unable to gather together and therefore adopt a flat, flaccid, shapeless appearance.

These High Strength Fibers are anchored to the inner tissues of the buttocks, consolidating them around a given point from where they project shape and consistency. This way loose, flaccid and dispersed tissues are brought together resulting in an additional volume that was not there before.

Gluteal tissues that are spread-out waste precious volume that, unless previous fixing, would lead to excessive tissue filler infiltration, beyond the limits dictated by safety bioplasty protocols. The priority of Bioplasty is restoring scarce glutes adipose tissues and slight sagginess, not the case when significant levels of flaccidity and tissues dispersion require prior compacting.

High Strength Anchoring Fibers should not be confused with the widely known “magic threads”, “Russian threads” and other names that have been promoted mostly for the face.

There are several factors that are associated to poor results of “rejuvenating” procedures performed with threads since the very word “rejuvenation” addresses the wrong patient for this type of technique.

The expectations of a person who wishes to rejuvenate can never be up to the placement of a few threads; therefore it must be clarified that proper patient selection is of fundamental importance. The technique of facial threads placement does never go beyond providing maintenance and refreshment to still young people, since the trend of the last decades defines the maintenance of face and body at early ages as the key that prolongs the optimal state of the tissues favoring the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts thus keeping young.

These procedures must be carried out under the “stacking” approach, that is to say, optimal face condition is not only given by threads, but superimposing several advanced procedures one over the other at different times such as radiofrequency, electro-stimulation, LED therapy, peelings and electroporation for instance, to reinforce and redensify the tissues.