What to do When Your Buttock Implants Did Not Meet Your Expectations

If you have had gluteal implants in the past but are not satisfied with them, this may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Implants are barely noticeable and did not meet your expectations for volume and projection.
  • On the contrary, implants are too notorious and anyone can tell that you have buttock implants and this embarrasses and makes you feel ashamed.
  • The implants only volumize the lower middle part of your buttocks leaving the upper part and hips unattended.
  • You notice unevenness and indentations between the edges of the implants and the surrounding tissue and feel “empty” areas around them.

If you fall into any of these conditions, Buttock Bioplasty can be an excellent alternative for you because with it we can volumize and project your buttocks, camouflage too obvious implants, fill empty areas around them and give a total naturalness to the context buttocks / hips making your sides more curvaceous.

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Because of the very location of the gluteal muscles in the human body and their particular shape, when prostheses are placed, the final aesthetics is compromised and limited by the human anatomy itself which is rigid, does not extend towards hips and is not characterized by a bubble appearance. Prostheses must be placed at the level of the gluteal muscles which have a low place in the human body. This is the reason why the gluteal volume is mostly seen in the lower portion of the gluteal region, leaving the upper and lateral areas without the volume and consistency that makes the whole context of the upper & lower buttocks plus sides, a well integrated unit, which is commonly called bubble butt or hourglass shape.

With the latest generation tissue filler, Linnea Safe, we are able to correct all these flaws, making the gluteal area, understood as the conjunction of the upper and lower buttocks and hip areas (the gluteal/hip context) look projected, volumized and toned.