The cc’s issue when talking about Glutes/Hips volumization

It is our aim to clarify the issue regarding the amount of cc’s, vials or syringes to be used in tissue filler procedures such as Gluteal Bioplasty.

It is a deeply rooted idea that people can decide for themselves the amount of cc’s based on final buttocks volume they wish obtaining. They act very much influenced from what other people might have commented in social media.

Is a doctor able to determine beforehand how many cc’s a patient may receive in their gluteal tissues? Actually what doctors may know are the protocols that are handled regarding dermal filler infiltration to offer an approximate vision of the procedure as a whole, which cannot be an accurate reflection of the final volume that patient has in mind.

What should not be professional nor ethical is for medical or aesthetic centers to act as intermediaries, whose main interest lies in marketing filler substances based only on the price of the product and ignore the final results of their decision.

Proposing large quantities of cc’s is a practice dissociated from the scope and behavior that substances have once injected and instead are marketing practices related to the psychology of the patient who mistakenly believes that the greater the quantity of cc’s the larger the final volume of the derriere.

This is a dilemma that people cannot overcome because they lack specialized information and unfortunately they are not aware of how they interact with merchants who take advantage of the situation. Excessive infiltration of tissue fillers, even if it is patient’s own fat, may cause serious problems and risks to health, such as pulmonary embolisms and even death.

Within our years of experience, we feel fully qualified to stand by procedures set as a whole rather than by the amount of substance each individual will require as per their specific case. This is a position that in many ways will contradict other opinions that have been deceiving people for decades, to the point people cannot any longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. We can use dermal fillers of different reticulation and viscosity depending on the area to be treated and this is an information that’s too technical and somehow inherent to the execution of the procedure itself.

Additionally, we must include into the equation each person’s body build; obviously, a small person is not the same as a tall one, a thin person is not the same as a medium-sized one. Therefore, the amount of substance to be infiltrated will have limitations according to the anatomical capacity of each individual.

We cannot offer an extravagant volume of substance to a patient with restricted anatomical capacity unless we are thinking only about profit and take the risk of exceeding the medical safety protocols, making people believe that the final result will be worth it just because they are paying for it; it would be highly irresponsible: as we said before, this could even cause death by thromboembolism.

Another point to take into account is that the infiltration of substance in the buttocks laterals also comes into play to give them roundness and contour and this is a very delicate area that must have some adipose tissue to be infiltrated and it is impossible to determine beforehand the amount of substance that can be injected in this area; only during the medical act will the specialist be able to decide how much and where to infiltrate according to patient’s anatomy.

Finally, we want to strongly stress the fact that for us it is essential that patient be fully satisfied and for this we have extensive experience to know what the patient wants and needs and how far we can go.

There are many people who visit us who have gone to other places where they have been sold the procedure based on the amount of cc’s and at the end of the day the results have been irrelevant.

We are very conscious that patients want to see clear and noticeable results and not be taken to frustrating situations in which the outcome is insignificant and therefore when we say that we work for the procedure as a whole and not per cc, we mean that for us one cc more or one cc less is irrelevant: what matters to us is the full satisfaction of the patient.