The Non-Surgical Brazilian Technique For Outstanding Glutes

For a long time the feminine beauty paradigm was to have a very large breast hence women’s torso became unusually important leaving its counterpart, the buttocks, at a great disadvantage.

Bodies that used to be harmonious before breast surgery became unnatural and quite unbalanced after it.

Some sort of harmony is to be met between upper and lower body. The correlation of both these areas will avoid weird figures lacking balance. This is not only valid in terms of beauty and elegance but also in respect to the muscular-skeletal structure of the female body.

In recent decades, these beauty patterns have been heavily influenced by fashion and the entertainment industry, with the priority now being on the derriere.

Aesthetically speaking, none of these areas, neither breasts nor buttocks should be exaggerated in terms of volume being of utmost importance to enhance them in a proportionate way. But it is evident that the exaggeration has been transferred from top to bottom getting back to the same weird kind of figures that existed before but the other way around.

Needless to say that breasts and buttocks are greatly affected when sizes become exaggerated, aging relentlessly takes its toll.

Nowadays Brazil’s latest beauty icon is a very well defined and demarcated lower body, firm and contoured for which the conjunction between fitness and Bioplasty achieve a perfect duet.

Up to now, confusion and disappointment among women, when going through options available to
achieve the high standard of beauty required for the gluteal area, namely: fat injections (surgical BBL), injections of highly hazardous substances for health or off-label injections of facial products not indicated for the buttocks such as Sculptra and hyaluronic acid, got people highly hesitant, doubtful and insecure about such complex and uncertain scenarios, thus turning into fitness training seemed the only realistic option.

It is an indisputable fact that the practice of fitness brings great benefits to the body by strengthening muscles while defining and demarcating them as well as burning off superfluous fatty tissue. However, when the purpose of physical exercise is exclusively aimed to increase the volume of the gluteal area, slim people find barriers impossible to overcome due to the fact that they already have thin muscles and little or no amount of fat around them. This is where Brazilian surgeons emphasize the successful conjunction achieved by fitness and bioplasty together for a perfect ‘volleyball bumbum’.

On the other hand, people that workout on regular basis and have good gluteal muscles notice how hard they get since the layers of adipose tissue that normally cover the muscles are burned out by the workout.

Heavy body training tends to make the figure too muscular, and takes away all the softness and movement given by adipose tissues. Buttocks Bioplasty (BBL without surgery) uses microspheres of PMMA as a perfect substitute for the lost fatty tissue, which is so necessary to wrap up the hardened muscles.

Buttocks Bioplasty or as some people call it “Buttock Injections”, is a great alternative to those searching to balance out their lower body in terms of restoring volume loss, firmness and contour.

While there are other buttocks augmentation techniques such as Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift and buttocks implants surgery, Bioplasty by PMMA is a minimally invasive procedure performed at a duly certified doctor’s office using only local numbing, putting health under no adverse side effects.