Non-Surgical BBL: The Mechanism Behind It

The procedure called Non-Surgical BBL, technically known as Gluteal Bioplasty, requires biocompatible and safe injectable substances that do not harm in any way, nor produce any negative side effects on the tissues of the human body.

Linnea Safe is a legitimate and duly certified Brazilian brand of PMMA microspheres that we use to perform Non-Surgical BBL procedures. It does not migrate and stimulates the fibroblasts to generate collagen and elastin that form the connective tissue layers that strengthen the inner tissues of the gluteal tissues.

The UMSS (Uniform Microspheres Smooth Surface) cutting edge technology used in Linnea Safe PMMA microspheres manufacturing is used to guarantee a product of the highest standard and excellence. UMSS generates identical, perfect spherical microscopic, smooth microspheres, this way it is guaranteed a rapid encapsulation of the particles.

Medical skills and expertise in the Non-Surgical BBL requires many years of experience in the field in order to meet the most neat artful performances.

The occasion is appropriate to highlight the contrast between the results obtained with clandestine products and those that do belong to the field of Medical Bioplasty that is performed using biocompatible substances duly registered and manufactured under demanding sanitary standards.

Flat buttocks or with very little volume cannot be expected to be magically transferred to dimensions out of all context, which is logically unfeasible via Non-Surgical BBL Only realistic expectations can be fulfilled.

We have emphasized countless times that Buttock Bioplasty aka Non-Surgical BBL is not for exaggerated volumes but rather a medical procedure aimed at the replacement and repositioning of tissues weakened or lost by various causes; bioplasty strengthens and redensifies tissues through the implantation in strategically chosen gluteal areas of PMMA microspheres that stimulate fibroblasts to produce new connective tissue comprising collagen, elastin, fibrin and other elements that bring youth and firmness to tissues. Volumization is immediate and permanent.
The microspheres are carried to the treated area by a biocompatible hydroxyethylcellulose-based vehicle that protects them and prevents these microparticles from frictioning against each other, thus affecting their perfect sphericity.

To explain how PMMA microspheres work, we will make an analogy comparing this process with what takes place when oysters produce pearls. It is about a minuscule particle of sand or other element, entering the oyster which is detected as a foreign body, triggering an immediate isolation response process against ‘the visitor’ surrounding it with nacre (mother-of-pearl).

In cultivated pearls farms where this process is carried out under controlled conditions, one cannot expect to make an oyster into a pearl factory by flooding it with innumerable particles which would lead to the oyster’s death.

The connective tissue produced through the implantation of the microspheres under the dermis, would be a sort of equivalent to the mother-of-pearl (nacre) generated by the oyster when it coats the foreign particle producing the pearl.
It is worth mentioning that PMMA used in microspheres manufacturing is medical grade and therefore totally biocompatible with the human body without any adverse effects.

Some malicious media are trying to show that PMMA is something similar to glass or plastic, implying that we inject this type of material into the human body, disregarding the fact that these are totally different manufacturing processes; in fact, PMMA is a very versatile substance that has multiple uses in modern industry such as manufacturing contact lenses, space materials, bone cement and many others, however media seeks to contaminate and confuse people arising fears and false ideas.