Hydrogel Buttock Injections Cost

Before we can answer the question of how much hydrogel buttock injections cost let us explain that there are three categories of dermal filler gels. 


One such category is those fillers based on natural acids produced by the human body. We refer to hyaluronic acid and polylactic acid. They are used to correct small facial imperfections as well as for hand rejuvenation; however, a few years ago, a hyaluronic acid was developed in Europe, supposedly suitable for breast and buttock augmentation under the brand Macrolane, yet it has been subject to criticism due to failures and side effects. The main problem with hyaluronic acid based dermal gels is their short lifespan, six months at most, except perhaps Macrolane filler that manufacturer claims it is a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid hence it can last up to 18 months but nevertheless requires yearly touch-up sessions making it very expensive. On the other hand, those gels based on polylactic acid such as Sculptra, which is formulated for facial use only, have not proven to be suitable for buttocks due to their low density and short lasting effect.


Hydrogels or biphasic aqueous (watery) gels that contain small percentages of microparticles suspended in water that through a process called gelation form a gel or colloid where the continuous phase is solid and the dispersed phase is liquid (in this case water). Hydrogels have a density similar to liquids, but their structure resembles the one of a solid. To this class belongs Radiesse which is based on calcium hydroxyapatite particles suspended in water, Aquamid which is the same but with polyacrylamide particles and Bio-alcamid which uses polyalkylimide particles, to name just a few. These hydrogels are only allowed in certain European countries and can only be used to correct minor imperfections on the face and hands. Many years ago the Chinese developed a hydrogel based on cross-linked polyacrylamide which they called Amazing Gel but it had to be banned after too many adverse effects.


Finally we reach those long lasting high viscosity gels that provide immediate tissue volume such as hydroxyethylcellulose or carboxymethylcellulose, making them ideal for the gluteal area. These gels contain perfectly spherical microscopic particles derived from a biostimulatory substance called polymethylmethacrylate that together with the hydroxyethylcellulose make a perfect duo since on the one hand, the microparticles activate fibroblasts, cells responsible for producing the connective tissue which is the basis of tissue regeneration, while on the other hand, hydroxyethylcellulose provides instant volume. 

We have obtained highly successful results in volumizing and contouring buttocks and hips with Linnea Safe gel based on hydroxyethylcellulose and polymethylmethacrylate microscopic spherical particles.

In this third category we deliberately left out other gels that also contain polymethylmethacrylate microparticles such as Artecoll and Artefill because they are made out of bovine collagen that has a too fast resorption rate and does not allow microparticles to generate enough tissue before disappearing completely not counting several issues related to allergies. These gels are only used on the face to correct wrinkles and small imperfections and their viscosity is not sufficient to be used on the buttocks.

It is important to remark that the term “Hydrogel” is often a source of distraction and confusion for people looking for hydrogel buttock injections cost since the term is used in a generalized way obviating that there are the three aforementioned categories.

Therefore, hydrogel injections and particularly those of the Linnea Safe brand, are an excellent solution to the factor that today causes lack of self-esteem and frustration to women and men i.e volume deficiency in the gluteal area. A not very noticeable derriere can become a handicap. 

So, how much hydrogel buttock injections cost?

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