How to Get Perfect Glutes Without Surgery

We all love to have a perfect body, and there are some of us who will go the extra mile in order to get that ideal look. Within the evolving beauty paradigm, a lot of attention is being drawn to the derriere.

To achieve more relevant buttocks according to the demanding standards that are fashionable today, people turn to certain options that are not always the most satisfactory either because they involve complex surgeries that end up making the prostheses very evident to the eye and touch, or because fat injections do not always count with sufficient amount of fat to achieve the desired volume, furthermore the transplanted fat has a limited lifespan.

In South America there is an interesting option called BBL without surgery, technically known as Gluteal Bioplasty which is based on the restoration of the adipose tissue necessary to provide volume, contour, firmness and movement to the buttocks.

Gluteal Bioplasty is a minimally invasive medical technique that uses PMMA microspheres that, by stimulating the fibroblasts, generate connective tissue around the microspheres; this new tissue behaves just like a human being’s own, while the vehicle that transports the PMMA microspheres ie Hydroxyethyl cellulose, slowly biodegrades.

The immediate aesthetic results are very satisfactory, with excellent firmness and a precise improvement of the shape of the glutes.

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