Deceptive Marketing Tactics Cosmetic Surgery Influencers Are Using On Social Media

Buttock prostheses left way back in time, are now being pushed as if a brand new approach

A situation affecting people seeking buttock augmentation, particularly through social media, is of great concern to us.

Misconceptions and misinformation are being spread, originating in marketing strategies driven by people linked to clandestine injections who have lately been working in association with cosmetic surgery practitioners.

These so to speak influencers are very skilled at detecting potential clients’ vulnerability who are seeking to obtain notoriously voluminous buttocks, which is their starting point for the dubious proposals they are going to develop.

To a certain extent, people who have been disappointed by procedures such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift a.k.a. Autologous Fat Transplant) or Sculptra injections, have a legitimate motivation to be eager to obtain the buttock volume they desire since, not having seen concrete and lasting results, they become skeptical on the one hand but at the same time credulous of any offer that can feed their imagination.

With this information, influencers induce their potential clients to think that the only solution to their volume ambitions lies in undergoing buttock prosthesis surgery performed in conjunction with injections of some filler product that they pass off as legitimate PMMA without actually being so, given its low price.

Unesthetic case of gluteal implants

These misleading marketing techniques do not warn about the complexity and implicit risks of buttock implant surgery, its long recovery period, the high rejection rates, frequent infections, the very common prostheses deformation due to displacement and rotation inside the submuscular pockets they are inserted in, ruptures, seromas and especially a very unsightly result characterized by the unnaturalness of the implants being very evident both to the sight and to the touch.

Buttock prostheses, unlike breast prostheses, are totally incompatible with basic human activities such as walking, sitting, lying down or exercising; and as if this were not enough, influencers avoid referring to the long time that must elapse after surgery before being able to proceed with filler injections nor do they mention the danger of presenting as legitimate PMMA, substances of dubious manufacture that surely are not biocompatible or properly certified.

The use of Photoshop in all this marketing machinery plays a fundamental role since altered before and after photos are exhibited to promote their fallacious proposals.

We would like to emphasize that buttock implants can never exceed 200-300 cc in volume at the most to avoid trauma and minimize the risk of rejection. These characteristics of buttock implant surgery lead patients to obtain very little volume and projection, since the implant must be placed submuscularly, which means that it is deeply located, preventing it from projecting outwards.

In our center, with the wide casuistry we have in gluteal implants, we can properly affirm that gluteal bioplasty has an undeniable superiority and therefore we have totally abandoned buttock prosthesis surgery.

In our center we have received people from all over the world who had buttock implants performed in different countries but still lacked satisfactory aesthetics in terms of volume, hip contour and correction of various indentations after prosthetic buttock augmentation surgery, especially in very thin patients where implants were evident at first glance.

We have specialized in camouflaging all these deficiencies with buttock bioplasty, achieving highly satisfactory results.

We warn people who are attracted by the aforementioned misleading offers not to make hasty decisions that under no point of view will be favorable or successful.