Brazilian Butt Lift No Liposuction Required

Today many people know that buttock enhancement using one’s own fat is not a particularly valid option for slim persons whose fat does not have the sufficient adipocytes load required to be transplanted to the derriere producing noticeable and significant results: for this reason the Brazilian Butt Lift without surgical liposuction, technically known as buttock bioplasty, is emerging as the ideal solution. 

Bioplasty is responsible for instilling Linnea Safe brand PMMA microspheres, a legitimate product manufactured in Brazil that behaves like the adipose tissue produced by the human body.

The key points behind a sculptural derriere are given by the demarcation of the gluteal muscles and the contribution offered by the surrounding adipose tissue that gives them a natural look and movement. 

These two factors, i.e. demarcation and adipose tissue, allow for the harmonious conjugation of the three most admired factors of glutes: firmness, definition and volume.

In the same way that today people take care of their faces from premature aging and undergo all kinds of rejuvenating treatments, the same care and attention should be given to the other areas of the body that are equally subject to flaccidity and loss of essential elements that provide vitality to the tissues. 

The loss of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts contributes to the weakening of the skin’s elastic fibers and in the case of the buttocks, a loss of firmness and their descent.

The key is to take care of oneself while being young, since aging does not go along well with rejuvenating treatments and generally requires surgeries that tend to have complex and unpredictable results. 

The gluteal area is especially susceptible to the constant trauma of long hours sitting or lying down, causing deformation and lack of blood supply. 

Bioplasty is the quintessential tool to recover, restore and reposition tissues that have lost vitality and beauty.