Bioplasty (Non-Surgical BBL)

Safe solutions to increase your glutes with a natural look

Buttocks Augmentation with PMMA microspheres (Gluteal Bioplasty aka Non-Surgical BBL) is all about the enhancement and reshaping of the glutes which in many cases suffer mass loss due to aging, dieting, lack of exercise, etc.

Gluteal Bioplasty involves a minimally invasive technique that consists of injecting controlled quantities of a highly reticulated, third-generation biocompatible injectable tissue filler; the technique was first introduced in the early 1990s being attributed to Almir Nacul, a Brazilian surgeon who popularized it.

This PMMA based biocompatible, cutting-edge filling substance is manufactured under the Linnea Safe with the strictest safety standards using the UMSS technology (Uniform Microspheres Smooth Surface).

PMMA microspheres have a high degree of compatibility with the human body

PMMA microspheres used in Bioplasty must be perfectly round and have an average diameter of 40 micras, narrower than a human hair yet large enough to escape phagocytosis, thus avoiding being eliminated by the body; in the presence of these PMMA microspheres the body starts producing new collagen and elastin (connective tissue) which provide firmness to the gluteal tissues.

PMMA microspheres are carried by a gel acting as a vehicle to transport microspheres called Hydroxyethyl cellulose which is a safe biocompatible substance that is gradually reabsorbed by the body yet being the stimuli needed to produce stronger inner links of connective tissue.

The trend towards wanting to have prominent buttocks has reached a point where people are unclear about what it means to have firm, well-molded buttocks and hips, only wanting extravagant volumes. Gluteal Bioplasty never exceeds medical safety protocols, Volleyball Bumbum is our target ie contour, definition and projection.

The experienced specialist will have the right criteria to distribute the recommended amount of PMMA expanding substance in a balanced way between buttocks and hips according to patient’s aesthetic needs.

A female bodybuilder former patient of our practice who through intense workout lost adipose tissues whilst getting hardened muscles; we can observe the improvement achieved by Gluteal Bioplasty.

Some people think that physical training is the solution to have aesthetically attractive buttocks. Workout certainly strengthens and develops the musculature that supports the soft tissues of glutes, but what actually gives the derriere its beauty is well distributed adipose tissue which unfortunately tends to burn out with excessive training.

Key factors for a successful Buttocks Augmentation (with Bioplasty):

  • Duly certified cosmetic surgeon
  • Duly certified PMMA
  • Medical protocols and sculpting skills using restricted PMMA amount as opposed to stuffing/cramming substance without a professional criteria.

Final goals to be met by Buttock Bioplasty contemplate overall buttocks enhancement, which involves projection, definition, contour and firmness.